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2 Comments on “Thoughts on Youth and Violence on International Youth Day 2015”

  1. Solomon Debebe
    August 13, 2015 at 3:31 am #

    I totally submit to the article. Yes, it is heart breaking sometimes thinking the multitudes of challenges and uncertainties that the youth are confronted with. It requires an insider perspectives what it means to remain unemployed, neglected and unwanted. Two things are quite essential: the wider community should start accommodating the youth without any precondition and the youth should unite and make their voices heard in their communities. It is wonderful sharing thoughts about the youth as we mark the International Youth day!

    Solomon Debebe
    Youth and Adolescent Development Specialist

    • Feleketch Baharu
      August 21, 2015 at 9:12 am #

      Comment on “Thoughts on Youth and Violence on International Youth Day 2015” From Ethiopia
      On this International Youth day sharing such ideas is really amazing!
      I agree on this article as it shows the critical challenges youth face in any social setting. Being idle, unemployed and unable to meet the social expectations at that age and the norms are the critical factors that affect adolescents and youth development. This contributes to social relations that social groups overlooked the marginalized and vulnerable youth in some ways and makes the youth group feel unwanted. There should be transformation on the perception of idle youth and the community should take responsibility to make sure they are given space to use their potential. We all need to contribute to change the life of the youth, improve youth positive identity, work on education and economic opportunities for youth and create innovative resourceful environment to have productive youth. I like the Article “Thoughts on Youth and Violence”! It is wonderful sharing thought about the youth as we mark the International Youth day!
      Feleketch Baharu Education Program Manager

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